Presented below is a selection of projects carried out by Creatom, with some related areas of service for each project noted.

Digital - Printed

Digital communication

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Brandon Company site

Creatom acted system architect and developer in the work with helping Brandon to create their new company site togehter with Destrito for graphical concept. As a foundation for the information platform, an internal CMS was built to comply with the client's very specific design and workflow needs.

Buzzwords: C#, ASP.NET 2, DHTML, MSSQL

"Betssonmiljonen" Campaign

A campaign where the winning team will be challenged to spend SEK1 000 000 in 6 hours (!) was launched to market Betsson's brand. Creatom, together with IT-arkitekterna, acted technical coordinator and developer for the campaigns public site as well as for the administrative tool handling the competitions different phases. Graphical communication was provided by Greatworks.

Buzzwords: ASP.NET 2, DHTML, MSSQL

Rosebud Newsfusion

A system for managing newsletters was developed in cooperation with konfront as a part of a venture project with marketing division in Gothenburg where Creatom participates as system architect and developer.
The system is designed as a freestanding product to implement in existing CMS-systems with great flexibility and statistics tools.

Buzzwords: OO PHP, UML

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Betsson Sportsbook

Betsson offers a wide range of online gambling products, and one of these, the Sportsbook, was due for a total makeover from backend to user interface. Creatom was part of the project team, developing new backend and support functions for the sportsbetting engine.

Buzzwords: C#.NET, Web Services, MSSQL, GUI

Z-TV Campaign

Two new shows for the TV-channel Z-TV was to be communicated through some of Swedens major web sites (e.g. Aftonbladet, MSN, Expressen). Creatom acted technical coordinator in the campaign where numerous Flash banners was produced displaying streaming video content. The project was carried out in close cooperation with TVA

Buzzwords: Flash, JS, XML

Printed communication

LEO Event

A new graphical handbook was produced to accentuate the companys new profile and to create guidelines for future print material

Buzzwords: PDF, graphical design

Linköpings Kommun

The City of Linköping wanted to communicate its common values and new organization to its employees. Creatom took on the mission, creating a informative leaflet being published within the organization.

Buzzwords: Photography, copywriting, layout

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